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Welcome to the home of The BEATLES... with an A! 

"I had a vision when I was twelve, and I saw a man on a flaming pie, and he said "You are The BEATLES with an 'A' and we are."

John Lennon, January 20th 1964.

We can add some Beatlemania to pubs, social clubs, nightclubs, festivals, weddings, birthdays, garden parties, corporate events or any other private party. Unlike most other Beatle-Tribute bands we even have found ourselves a left-handed McCartney and we try to re-create that Beatles look with our authentic classic period costumes. We obtain an authentic sound with almost identical musical equipment: we use Vox and Fender amps plus guitars made by Hofner, Epiphone, Gretsch and Fender.

Beatles With An A covers the entire period of the Beatles recorded output and incorperates their pre-fame Hamburg era Rock And Roll songs. Our stage show can be split into two or three separate sections: the live Fab Four era of the band, a costume change reflecting the later era, and an acoustic unplugged type set. We also play the music from the Beatles solo careers: Wings, The Traveling Wilburys, Plastic Ono Band, etc.

The Beatles With An A can tailor their exciting show to help suit your needs so we have the perfect Beatle-solution to make your day one to remember.